Make Life Easier: Reminder Lists w/ Siri


"Hey Siri, add Chardonnay to my grocery list."  Try it! And If you don't have a "Grocery List ", Siri will ask you if you'd like her to create one. Do it! 

There's a couple different ways to use reminders with the iPhone. Lets discuss. If you tell Siri to randomly remind of of something, those reminders are automatically added to your default list. You can find this in Settings > Reminders > Default List. That is generally used for thing like —“Hey Siri, remind me to fill the dog's water bowl at 10pm tonight” — which is awesome, but not as good when you want to maintain different shopping lists.

For instance, like I mentioned above, you can create a list called “Grocery,” and then you can tell Siri, “Put chocolate-covered bacon on my Grocery list.” Want to be even more organized? Make a list called “House Projects” (you can do this manually OR just say "Hey Siri, make a reminder list called "House Projects") and then tell Siri, “Add blue paint to my House Projects list, and remind me when I arrive at Home Depot.” She will not only do it, she will also verify which Home Depot works best for you first! Then you’ll receive an alert reminding you to buy blue paint when you pull into the parking lot. To look at any list via Siri, just say something like "Hey Siri,"... “show my House Projects list” or "show my Grocery List". You can make any Reminder List(s) you want!

Let the technology in your hand help you! It is really great when you're busy cooking and realize you need more butter but your hands are dirty and you can summons Siri to add it to your grocery list. Or better yet, when you are relaxing and suddenly remember something you need but do not want to get up...or forget later...or especially when you're driving.

You can also share these lists with others, for instance, when I add something to the grocery list, my husband knows to check the list we share when he is at the store and vice versa. Try it out, don't be scared to use Siri, she gets better at communicating with you the more you communicate with her (or him).