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Enterprise Connect
Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect


Enterprise Connect provides Mac users with a secure connection to an Active Directory (AD) domain and resources. Designed for one-to-one deployments, it can help you access single sign-on services, such as file shares, printers, SharePoint, or any other Kerberos-enabled service. Enterprise Connect automatically reestablishes the SSO trust to AD when your Mac connects to the network, and can even keep your local Mac password in sync with your AD password.


Enable your Mac users—easily.

With Enterprise Connect, you can help your Mac users access 
AD resources—without binding the Mac to AD and without users calling IT. When you purchase Enterprise Connect, an engineer will join you remotely or at your location to provide valuable insights on deploying Enterprise Connect based on your current AD implementation. The engineer will help you develop the deployment plan, assist with creating scripts, and coach you 
on Enterprise Connect features and best practices.


  • OS X Yosemite 10.10 (or later)

  • Active Directory 2008 (or later)

Kerberos single sign-on

  • Automatically acquire and renew a Kerberos Ticket Granting Ticket

  • Authenticate to Kerberos-enabled services

  • Connect to file shares, print queues, and 
so on

  • Leverage local and/or AD mobile accounts

Password management

  • Change your AD password directly from Enterprise Connect or redirect to a web-based identity management system

  • Display password requirements with live validation during password changes

  • Notify users when their passwords will expire via Notification Center, even while offline

  • Sync Mac login password with AD password

Network share management

  • Mount users’ home directories

  • Mount explicit shares, such as group shares

  • Remount shares automatically

  • Support for SMB and AFP

Customization and automation

  • Execute custom scripts at specific triggers

  • Audit script to ensure security compliance before every AD authentication

  • Connection completed script performs an action after every connection to AD

  • Password change script runs after the AD password is changed


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