Directory services were initially conceived to support multiple users logging into a single computer connected to a persistent network. Today, we live in an inherently mobile world so deploying computers to individual users who frequently transition between a variety of networks requires a different strategy. With Enterprise Connect, your mobile Mac users can access directory resources without binding to Active Directory and without calling the helpdesk to troubleshoot password reset and account login issues.

Enterprise Connect

Enterprise Connect provides Mac users with a secure connection to an Active Directory (AD) domain and resources. Designed for one-to-one deployments, it can help you access single sign-on services, such as file shares, printers, SharePoint, or any other Kerberos-enabled service. Enterprise Connect automatically reestablishes the SSO trust to AD when your Mac connects to the network, and can even keep your local Mac password in sync with your AD password.


Enterprise Connect PKI

Enterprise Connect PKI provides a secure connection for Mac users with a PIV smart card or certificate-based identity to an Active Directory (AD) domain. This allows users to authenticate to websites, file servers, printers, SharePoint, or any other Kerberos-enabled resources. Enterprise Connect PKI automatically reestablishes the SSO trust to AD 
when the smart card is connected to your Mac 
and AD is available.


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