Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP)


Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP)


The Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP) certification is for help desk professionals, technical coordinators, and systems engineers who manage networks or provide technical support for Mac users. ACSP certification verifies that you understand macOS core functionality and that you can configure key services, perform basic troubleshooting, and support multiple Mac users. Register now for the macOS Support Essentials Exam to earn your ACSP certification.


Passing the macOS Support Essentials Exam is required for earning your ACSP certification.

Exam details

  • The exam is computer-based

  • The exam contains 100 scored technical questions.

  • The exam uses a random pool of multiple-choice and interactive-media questions.

  • You may not access any resources or references during the exam.

  • A passing score is 75%.

Exam preparation
Complete the macOS Support Essentials training course which includes lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, and hands-on exercises that provide real-world experience. Study the macOS Support Essentials training book which is provided during class. Exam registration is included with our macOS training classes. Learn more >

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